Flyworx Dubbings

More free swag from this years FFFT Expo. I've used more dubbings since moving back to SA than any other time in my fly fishing career purely because the type of fly fishing I'm doing these days warrants me using more of the stuff. Yes I blend my own dubbings at home but that was more through sheer necessity because I couldn't find the rights colour blends I needed over here. Now it looks like all my problems have been solved.

Flyworx dubbings are home grown and was started by Rod Smit up in Gauteng. What I've posted here is just a small sample from a much larger range they have on their shelves. Flyworx prices are very reasonable as well, and in all honesty with the cost of importing overseas brands into SA, let alone the time its taking for shipments to arrive into this country, I think all South African fly fisherman that tie their own flies as well as fly fishing retailers should really get behind and support a locally produced product.

Again these are just some bog standard colours off the racks and their range is expanding daily, but what I truly appreciate is that Rod at "Flyworx" is willing to work with fly fisherman on producing specific blends that they are looking for themselves.

Flyworx also have an outstanding range of bead chain eyes in various sizes and colours, also at very reasonable prices. Speaking with Rod they are working on a website which will be up and running in a few weeks but they are up and running through Facebook (Click the highlighted Flyworx) and one can get hold of him by email and phone found on the business card in front of you.

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