Being a streamer junkie I only tie flies like these when the fishing requires me too, and The Bokong river in Lesotho in Mid January is dry fly country. This doesn't mean to say I'm not going to take a few meaty flies along for the ride, but it's great to be able to tie specifically for one species again.

This is my take on an Elk hair Caddis hopper. Tied on a #10 Grip hook. I could have gone a little thinner when building the dubbing body and could also have taken a couple of mills of the Elk hair wing but I honestly don't think the fish will give a rats arse. It looks buggy enough for me.

This is my take on Davie McPhails Hog hopper pattern. This fly is a sub surface fly so I added a decent clump of CDC to the under wing to give it extra buoyancy. As the water on the Bakong is extremely clear I also steered away from using gold flash for the segmented spiracle thorax and went with a light Grey scud wrapping instead. Again, I think I was a tad heavy handed with the length of the Elk hair wing but overall am happy with how these turned out.

The Fiery brown hog hopper is a fly I've caught more different species of fish with than any other fly so off course I'm going to tie some up to take along. Am happy with the wing on these but I think I could have had slightly shorter legs. The dubbing is fiery red squirrel.

My rough and ready take on the Elk hair Caddis. I used Olive squirrel dubbing for the main body. Wing is just elk hair. Note to self, "Less is more" as I'm prone to adding just a tad too much wing material on my flies.

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