Black Crickets

I watched Davie Mcphails tutorial over the weekend and decided that I'd give his Black cricket a go. I had to improvise a little with the foam as I was unable to locate any of the specific stretch foam he used in the video. Instead I used 2mm black foam and after wrapping it around the Abdomen area, I then wrapped black scud body wrap over it. Hook used was a #8 Mustad streamer

I added some orange antron for an indicator which wasn't present in Davies tutorial

Looking at them though I think the abdomen could be a little shorter and I could have used a slightly shorter hackle also. I will tie some smaller ones on some size #10 hooks next time. If anyone is interested here is the full video tutorial by Davie Mcphail.

#Terrestrials #DryFlies #Hoppers #Foamflies #Fliesfromthevice #Flytying

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