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With my up coming trip to Lesotho just around the corner I'm looking to spend at least one of the days or at least half a day chucking some bizzaar creations at yellows purely to see what I can get away with. The only criteria I have is that the fly must float and look buggy enough on the surface for a fish to think it looks edible from below.

One of these buggy flies I'm looking to fish with is called the Flyspoke Supabug which hails from Alaska and is primarily a Salmon dry fly. I've down sized these onto a size #10 Mouche 8443 hook and added an indicator which the original pattern didn't have. It fills all the criteria I'm looking for in a buggy fly which on a good day up on the Bokong river will hopefully fool a few Yellows into grabbing it from below.

This is another fly which I'm going to take along. Its a skating Caddis pattern called the "Screaming Banshee" developed by Charlie Craven and is generally tied on either #14 to #16 hooks.I used Mouche 8471 #14 for these. The top 3 are from the original pattern but as you can see I've added some Caudal filaments to a couple of them just to give them more of a mayfly appearance. One can either strip these across the surface or just dead drift them over Trout they are that effective in the States. So why shouldn't a Yellowfish think any different....well that's what I'm hoping anyway.

If your interested in tying a few up then here's the tutorial

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