Different approach part deux

Carrying on from yesterdays post regarding my quest to tie up some none traditional patterns and create some over the top buggy critters in the off chance they might tempt a Yellow or Trout into taking them, I came up with this pattern. I've combined features that I liked from both the Flyspoke Supabug and the Screaming banshee and gave this fly my own flavour. Whether they have all the features and criteria to fool a fish or two time am will tell, am not sure but they do look buggy.

Firstly to add extra buoyancy to the fly I used Deerhair dubbing for the thorax area instead of plain dry fly dubbing. I also used black deerhair for the Abdomen and trimmed it slightly longer above the head. I also gave the fly slightly longer feelers in front of the head as well as a couple of longer feelers from a stripped hackle feather similar to what you'd attach to a Goddard caddis pattern. I also gave the underneath abdomen area on two of them an Orange hotspot thorax with Spec Orange flyworx dubbing....why I have no idea except that I was told on good authority by Pieter Snyders that the area has these tiny orange moths that can be found there.

I used a #14 Mouche 8464 and #12 Mustad caddis hooks for this pattern as well as some tan deerhair for the wings.

Am not sure what insect they are supposed to represent but they have the qualities of a small moth or fly ant.

I've also tied up a lighter version of the pattern just using Tan deerhair for both the wings and the Abdomen area which I'm also rather happy about. God knows what I'll call the pattern but I do have high hopes that its going to reap some benefits on the river purely because it looks too buggy to turn down.....On the other hand it just might blank big time. These two were tied onto a #12 Mouche 8464 hook

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