UHTFC Xplorer festival

Spent the weekend fishing the UHTFC Xplorer festival this weekend and what a top event it was. I ended up with 16 Trout in total and two very nice bass as well. Fished some stunning water even through some tough conditions thrown at us by the gods on the Saturday after noon.

I really didn't bother taking many images of the fish I caught, well it wasn't that kind of event to be honest, but this is just one of four decent cock fish I pulled out from Abbingdon dam. This one with a Solarez Spoon fly....I know all you purists out there will be tutting and rolling your eyes around but to be brutally honest, I don't give a rats arse.... Have fished spoon flies all my life and they have caught m untold fish over the years so why not still water Trout.

Another decent Cock fish giving me the run around on the Sunday Morning.

This is what awaited us at Abbingdon dam on the Sunday morning. Slightly dis-coloured water and it took a

myself and Graeme a while to locate the fish but what a stunning bit of water.

These are the flies that did the business over the course of the weekend. Spoon flies, Dubbing head Baitfish, Tadpoles, Rabbit zonker minnows, Trout Baggers, Olive rabbit zonker Skoteen and of course the Hares ear fry which I was very impressed with. Here's the video tutorial if anyone is interested in tying some up.

Lastly a big shout out goes out to new friend Shannon Fincham who I guided yesterday on the Mooi with his first ever wild Brown trout on the fly. He missed four very decent fish during the day but managed this pearler in very skinny water. Congrats bud! All in all a top fucking weekend spent fishing with good mates.

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