Every fishing trip I took in Scandinavia I'd always tie up a few over the top, look like nothing flies, purely to see what I could get away with. Most were fished in low light conditions and in all honesty, most weren't successful, but every now and then I had luck with one or two of them. Nothing's changed for me with regards to my up coming trip to Lesotho either. Many of the styled flies I'm taking along probably haven't been fished before on the Bokong, let alone on many of our rivers here in SA. It will be a big learning curve for me and am sure many of the patterns will also bomb terribly again, but in all honesty I wouldn't change my approach to the trip any other way.

The first of these monstrosity flies I'm taking along is the Dobsons Helgromite. Fished close to the bank primarily at night or in low light conditions in the States and accounts for deceiving some really big trout over the years. I followed the pattern to the tee, just down sized the hook to a #8 Mustad streamer hook instead of a 3x long #4 hook. I also didn't have any black vinyl ribbing so I improvised and used black scud ribbing instead. Am not looking to fish this fly all day but would be super chuffed if it attracts the attention of one or two trout. If anything, it's perfect for using with a few dropper flies if the conditions allow.

Here's the tying tutorial for it if any of you are interested in knocking one up

The second of these kinda buggy critters I'll take along is this Grasshopper slash ????????????? looks like bugger all really but has enough buggy qualities to maybe fool a fish or two. I wrapped a section of both black and tan 2mm foam along the hook shank and added a couple of hackles some deerhair and a CDC under wing as well as 3 knotted pheasant tail legs on either side of the monstrosity.

I left them floating in this ice cream container over night and they were still bobbing around like a cork in the morning. if that's what they look like from above then they will look quite tempting from below at dusk or dawn. Fingers crossed.

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