Free Swag

Its been a while granted, but with moving back up to the midlands, my trip to the Bokong and all the extra fishing I've been doing of late I've had very little to write about in recent months. Anyway I'm back in the fold now and to start the new year off I thought I'd give away a box of dries to some lucky sole. As with every fishing trip I've done, I always over compensate and tie too many flies and although I did catch plenty of Yellows and Trout while on the Bokong with a multitude of different Dries, I just have too many sitting around picking up dust so to put yourself in with a chance to win some free swag all one needs to do is take your time and count how many items can be found on the Jayvice wooden stand.

The Box is brand new and consists of 72 dry flies. Ballbyter ants, Foam ants, numerous types of foam Beetles, Daddy long legs and wolf spiders, Hoppers, Goddard Caddis. Spun deerhair black crickets, Dyrets, Elk hair caddis, Flying ants, Hog hoppers....well the list goes on. I have another identical box which I'm going to auction off on the SA second hand fly fishing page and the proceeds will be donated to the SA fly fishing youth team. Sure it wont be a large sum but everything counts in small amounts. Leave your answers on the "All About The Grab's" Facebook page

#FreeSwag #DryFlies

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