Midlands Trout Steamer Nymphs              & Mrs Simpsons

Around a third of these are traditional South African patterns while the rest are colour combos I've thrown together for my own amusement. All have caught fish...yet many of my own creations are left well alone by the established fish in a lake but gobbled up by the stockies.....result !!! cause a fish is a fish regardless of its size in my eyes !!!

Pappa Roach Summer
Pappa Roach Winter
Midnymph 28
Midnymph 26
The Big Easy
Midnymph 19
Midnymph 20
Midnymph 21
Midnymph 22
Midnymph 23
Midnymph 24
Midnymph 25
Midnymph 18
Midnymph 17
Midnymph 16
Midnymph 15
Midnymph 14
Midnymph 13
Midnymph 12
Midnymph 3
Midnymph 4
Midnymph 7
Red eyed damsel - Brown
Midnymph 9
Midnymph 10
Red eyed Damsel
Midnymph 6
Midnymph 5
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Mrs Simpsons

These Mrs Simpsons were all tied for targeting Trout on many of the still waters up in the Natal Midlands but I've had some decent success with them on the Komati river with small mouthed Yellowfish. 

Hogmouth Mrs Simpsons
Mrs Simpsons 5
Mrs Simpsons 3
Hogmouth Mrs Simpsons2
Mrs Simpsons 1
Mrs Simpsons 4
Mrs Simpsons 2
Hogmouth Mrs Simpsons3
Small mouthed Yellow
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