Tube flies

Tube flies aren't everyone's cuppa tea but once you get the hang of tying onto them, then fishing with them, you really never look back. I found fishing with tube flies towards the end of spring time in the Baltic sea extremely productive when Pike are more curious and would follow a fly for long stretches through the retreive before generally nipping at the back of the fly. Here I could regulate the length of the trailing hook to sit just behind the tail tip

Orange Neds
Black/White RStinger
Perch/Zander flies
Monster Replot stinger
Saltwater GT tubes
Tube Baitfish
Pink tube popper
Beige saltwater tube
Black widow angel
Bongo tube
Perch tube baitfish
Xmas deco tube fly
Saltwater tube baitfish
Perch/Zander tube flies
orange neds
durex pike streamer
caramel tube
caramel tube
Olive flash tube fly
The Simple Simon
Saltwater orange tube
Purple rabbit zonker tube
Chartreuse saltwater baitfish
Tube Poppers set
Ostrich plume tube
Musky tube
Musky tube
Beige/Black saltwater fry
Tube with spinner blade
Tube fly with spinner blade
Tube with spinner blade
Tube set
Bunker tube flies
OTT Water boatman
OTT Water boatman
Sardine saltwater tubes
Wig hair tube streamer Black
Red/Beige saltwater tube
Zander bunny jigs
zed jigs
Olive saltwater tubes
Synthetic streamer
Perch pattern
Salmon caramel tube
Salmon caramel tube
Raccoon tube jigs
Electric yellow baitfish tubes
Saltwater sprat
Rainbow tubes
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